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How to Market Your Novel the Old Fashioned Way

There is lots of information on how to market your book online, with author blogs, author pages, Facebook and twitter. The traditional marketing strategies for writers are easily overlooked. This means getting into the real world. Covering both avenues could increase the sales of your books.

Generating Sales of Novels without Using the Internet

How to Market your Book
There is no doubt that any writer who does not use online marketing avenues, such as a book blog networking their book on Facebook, twitter or listing their books on Goodreads, Smashwords or Shelfari would be missing out. However, such means can cause the traditional route of book marketing to be overlooked. This means getting away from the lap-warming effects of the laptop and getting out into the real world. This was something I decided to do.

Marketing Your Book in the Real World

Selling books online can lull the author into the closet world of internet marketing without actually meeting or talking to anyone. Getting out there and marketing your book by other means not only covers other sales channels, but hones untried marketing skills, not least the spoken word. I began my journey with my local area. This often means putting your pride aside and developing a thick skin.

Ideas for Book Marketing in Your Local Area

I began by telephoning my local newspaper. They kindly ran an article about my books over a few weeks and it did not cost a penny. Beware that such doors are not always open, as I have found it impossible to find an authorative newspaper/magazine book reviewer to review my books. Remaining polite even when things do not go your way is important, as you never know you may cross that bridge again one day.

Promoting Your Book Locally

Some shops and public places will let you put up a few flyers for free. This I did in my local library and supermarkets. Shops, garages and post offices will put your ad up for a small fee. This means devising an eye-catching flyer and a few posters. A great design will also catch the eye in the classifieds within the local newspaper. Watch out for advertising fees which can sting. Putting your ad in the ‘what’s on’ or entertainment’ section is more costly than on ‘miscellaneous.’ A punchy design will also stand out if your funds will only cover a small-sized ad. Having a marketing budget is vital, or you may not garner enough book sales to cover the marketing costs.

How to Design a Book Poster to Generate Book Sales

I created a simple black and white design that echoes the look of my book cover. I used a visual graphic, accompanied by as little text as possible. The nature of the product was made obvious by opening the ad with ‘Kindle thriller’, so that customers know what is being advertised. You can also use other terminology such as ‘crime novel’ or ‘bestselling book’ (if you are lucky enough). This (of course) should be followed by the name of the book and the author name. By all means entice the reader with extra information, but be careful not to overdo it, as the design should remain bold and readable whatever the size format.

Novel Ways to Create Kindle Book Sales

I created posters of various sizes to fit the venue and the approach. A5 images (2 on an A4 sheet of paper) might suit a notice-board; A6 or smaller might suit handouts. A long banner exhibiting the name of your book can be stuck to the inside of your rear window of your car, making your vehicle a mobile marketing tool.

Getting Reviews for Your Book

I approached my local reading group with copies of my book. Always be polite and don’t take it personally if not everyone is willing to indulge in your book. I decided not to attend the feedback session, but putting my books out there with real readers could create recommendations and Amazon reviews.

Sales Channels for your Kindle Books

Marketing your book in the real world will mean having a few spare copies of your book handy. Make each book work hard for you by donating them to a local library. If you register each title with PLR (Public Lending Right) each ‘borrow’ could earn you a small fee. Putting your books in the library also means more people will see them and (you never know) review them. Make it plain you are a local author. Libraries and local groups are often open to authors talking about their books or book signings.

But then, why keep it local, if one is given to going on holidays or trips? Wherever I go, I will have a few flyers, leaflets or business cards in my bag, should the opportunity arise for some book marketing, wherever I am. Book fairs offer an ideal opportunity for some self-promoting and hobnobbing.

Great Ideas for Book Marketing the Traditional Way

Exclusive use of the internet when marketing your book could leave the author missing out. Getting out into the real world with real people could create further channels for marketing your book. This means using the local library, public notice-boards, the newspaper, reading groups or even your car. Every avenue is invaluable. This means putting aside marketing funds, creating eyecatching flyers, putting on a thick skin and casting off your pride.

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