Sunday, 6 July 2014

Charles Jay Harwood Radio Interview on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire

In the advent of my book talk at Coventry Central Library, I will be interviewed by Phil Upton of BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio for a five minute chat.

Interview on BBC Coventry about Book Talk

Radio interview with
Charles Jay Harwood
I will be holding the following day at Coventry Central Library on Tuesday 8 July at 10.30am. As I write in 2 different genres (art instruction and fiction thrillers) will do a talk on both subject areas.

The talk is to last about an hour, with half-hour overrun allowance. There is a lot to cover, as I shall bring my art instruction books, sample paintings, as well as the fiction thrillers that I write under my pseudonym.

Book Talk with Charles Jay Harwood

The author never knows how the book talk will pan out, despite planning, so I have drafted an outline on how the author talk will run. I will begin with my art books, showing samples and original artwork.

I shall then follow this with how I got into writing and how this evolved into my fiction thrillers and a little about what my books are about. I will then read an excerpt from one of my books, Falling Awake.

There will be a break for refreshments (and hopefully purchases) followed by a question and answer session.

As there is only a few minutes airtime on the radio interview, hope to convey the feel of the book talk in the allotted time. I am looking forward to the chat and hope I don’t stumble with my words too much. This is my first radio interview but feel this is a great experience for any author spreading the word about author events.

A busy week ahead and I am looking forward to being interviewed by Phil, as well as readers at the author event in Coventry Library.