Monday, 17 March 2014

Nora by Charles Jay Harwood: A Harsh Brand of Rehab

Nancy has a secret about the care home where she used to work. After a traumatic car crash, her alter ego, Nora is born. A tense thriller with a twisty plot that cannot be missed. Available on audio, Kindle, paperback and large print. This is a new, full length novel by the bestselling author of the Shuttered Room.

Taut Thriller on Psychosis

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Nancy’s humdrum life is transformed when she finds herself the unlikely subject of a celebrity shoot with obnoxious playboy millionaire, Vincent Jonas. Soon after the tabloids capture them on camera leaving one of his nightclubs, Nancy’s world turns sour when she overhears Vince and his PA make a grubby bet on Nancy’s dalliance with fame and whether she will got ‘dirty’ to keep her name in the papers.

A Nightmare Night Out 

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But Nancy’s nightmare is just beginning when Vince’s limo is involved in a horrific car crash. Her darkest hour in the limo before the ambulance arrives spurts a psychosis centered upon her tortured past. She tries to phone for help, but on the dark side of the train station, the ditch is too deep for the signal to reach anyone. She looks out from a limo that has become a tomb. The glass dagger she is forced to use and the disturbing memories this spurs becomes a pivotal moment in her life.

Car Crash Thriller

Nancy’s alter ego, Nora is born and Nora has a score to settle. Vince’s world is turned upside down in this disturbing psychological thriller that is set in the Yorkshire Dales in northern England, the location of Vince’s Retreat. 

The theme of the story is displaced rage and how it can manifest itself in the most bizarre ways. Click below to see the book trailer to this thriller on YouTube

Thriller set in Yorkshire

Nora is available on Kindle, paperback, large print and on audio.

 A fabulous new thriller, the story delves into the darkest realms of the human condition with some horribly funny results. From the bestselling author of The Shuttered Room, Falling Awake and A Hard Lesson.

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