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How to Convert Audio Wav Sound File to MP3 192 KBBS Mono for Audible and Itunes

You must know how to convert Wav files into MP3 for Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), a platform that retails onto Audible, Amazon’s talking book platform. Only then can the talking book be sold on Audible, Amazon and Itunes. But finding the best audio conversion software was not easy. This is because of ACX’s exacting demands on the audio format required. Not any MP3 file will do, but high quality mono 192KKBs. Not all sound converters do this.

Here is how I found the best audio software for file conversion.

How to Convert WAVE Sound

FRE:AC Audio Conversion Error Message
Wav file 16 bit is a high quality sound file that forms the standard format for Windows when first recording audio. It stands for ‘Waveform Audio File Format. MP3 is a different type of sound file used on podcasts and talking books.

Converting a Wav file into MP3 (or MPEG) would appear to be simple. Just find an audio file converter and off you go. But no. ACX recommends a sound file converter called fre:ac which can be found on CNET or SourceForge. The trouble was, the security system on my computer detected a Trojan and refused to download the software. I contacted ACX, but they said they had never encountered this problem before. This left me stuck.

WAVE File Converter to MP3 Sound Format

So I hunted for other audio converters. Examples include Switch Audio File Converter by NCH, Media IO, Online Convert and others. Some required an upload of a second software in order that the audio converter can be ‘read’ by my computer. I found myself downloading JZip and other downloads which I didn’t want and ads kept pinging up. Other audio converters were time sensitive, so you had to pay after a few days of upload. Others altered the settings of your computer in ways I didn’t like. Cubase didn’t have the license required for MP3 conversion. The experience was to say the least frustrating.

Itunes Audio File Converter from WAV

Itunes seemed to be the answer, but only after downloading the Itunes software did I learn that, because ACX demands the audio file to be in mono, Itunes would strip down the KBBS of the sound file (which is usually in stereo), so 192KBBS became 90KBBS and 320KBBS became 160KBBS. No good.

Audacity Lame Software Converter to MP3 for ACX

Lame Audio Conversion from Audacity
The answer came from Audacity, a free audio editing software. Download Audacity and play around with it to learn how it works and master your sound file. Once you are happy, you are ready to convert your Wav file to MP3.

Audacity will direct you to Lame for windows via download lame_enc.dll. You can download Lame so that Audacity can convert your Wav file into MP3 192KBBs (even if your sound file is in mono).

How to Convert Wav File into MP3 192KKBS for ACX

Download Lame for Windows to Convert Sound Files
Once you have downloaded Lame from the Audacity link, you are ready to convert your audio file to MP3. Make sure you save your completed project as Wav before exporting as MP3.

1 Firstly, click ‘file’ on Audacity to save your audio file and then click ‘export audio.’
2 Now select file type you want from the choice. In this case, choose ‘MP3’.
3 Click on ‘options’ and select 192KKBS from ‘quality’.
4 Click ‘save’ and a dialogue box will appear. You can infill details as needed, such as track name, name of artist, etc.
5 Click OK and then export.

The file will convert to MP3 file (make sure the recording is in mono before conversion) and will be in 192KBBS as per ACX’s requirements.

Free Audio Converters for Sound File Conversion

Audio and Lame Sound Converters
Together, Audacity and Lame provides free audio file conversion to MP3 192KBBS. The other file converters contained Trojans, pop-up ads and bugs that made them unusable. 

ACX would merely reject sound files that did not match their demands. This is MP3 192KBBS in mono sound file. Fortunately, Audacity and Lame enabled me to convert my Wav file into the sound format required.

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