Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Gone Too Far: 3 Psychological Thrillers about Taboo is now in Paperback

This large thriller trilogy comprising full length novels (collectively around 250,000 words) is now available in paperback as well as Kindle. The novels of which this book comprises can also be purchased singly.
Psychological Thriller Trilogy

This fabulous trilogy of novels is centered upon a common theme: the forbidden. Three such situations of taboo can be found within.

The hostage and the captor; the voyeur and the performer; the teacher and the pupil. Here exists a line that should never be crossed – but what if it were? Some scenes are toe-curling, others a little more disturbing. Blurbs are provided below.

The Shuttered Room

Little do they know their captive holds a deadly secret.

Jess’s idyllic life is shattered when she is taken hostage and held in an upstairs room by 3 thugs. In a failed escape attempt, she cuts a hole in the bedroom floor and instead finds herself spying upon her captors.

Jess’s spying draws her into a treacherous mind game involving a twisted version of Stockholm Syndrome.

If only they knew what their captive was up to. What would they do to her?

Falling Awake

Gemma is faced with homelessness after her husband Liam mysteriously vanishes, leaving only a contorted doodle as a clue to why.

To save her house, she takes a commission performing for an unseen voyeur who watches from across the street.

Her hours of work clue her in to his insomnia. But if she knew the cause behind his sleeplessness, she wouldn’t perform for him.

Darkly funny, frightening and disturbing, she is about to find out what it is like to be psychologically tied to someone she fears most.

A Hard Lesson

Sarah thought she was teaching a schoolchild a little English.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only is her subject a full-grown thug, he is dyslexic and part of a criminal clique headed by a psychopath. And this psychopath doesn’t like people interfering with his business.

Soon, she will learn the meaning of treachery.

And fear.

An affecting tale of blackmail, lies and betrayal.

Print version of this trilogy is 8 x 5in and 666 pages. Available also on Kindle.  Novels available singly.

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