Thursday, 10 April 2014

Free Book Giveaway Day on Amazon April 27 2014: The Shuttered Room by Charles Jay Harwood

An unmissable thriller will be free on Amazon scheduled on Sunday April 27 2014. Charles J Harwood’s The Shuttered Room is an unforgettable thriller about abduction. Read more about this free thriller below.

Free Thriller on Kindle on Sunday April 13 2014

Little do they know their captive holds a deadly secret.

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Jess is taken hostage and incarcerated in an upstairs room by three thugs demanding a huge ransom from her rich father.

In a bid to escape, she cuts a hole in the bedroom floor with a cutlery knife. From there, Jess observes the three of them going about their everyday business.

That’s when she starts playing games with them. That’s when her spying pulls her into a treacherous psychological game with her abductors.

If only they knew what their captive was up to. What would they do to her?
A disturbing psychological thriller that will take you into the darkest recesses of the human psyche.

Full Length Thriller Freebie on Amazon on 27 April 2014

This kindle thriller is scheduled for a giveaway day on Amazon on 27 April 2014. Normal price is $3.30, which is £1.99 in GBP, plus Amazon’s delivery fee. This offer cannot be missed.

The Shuttered Room is also available on paperback and large print.

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