Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Thriller Writer Charles Jay Harwood Book Talk at Coventry Library July 8 2014

A book talk has been arranged for me at Coventry Central Library in the West Midlands on Tuesday 8 July 2014 at 10.30 – 11.30 am. Coventry Library is located centrally within the Shopping Centre not far from West Orchards, perfect for a pop in for a listen.

A Book Talk on Thrillers at Coventry Library

I plan to provide copies of my thrillers, The Shuttered Room, Falling Awake, A Hard Lesson and Nora. It is always difficult to gauge how many books to supply for these occasions, as the size of the crowd cannot be anticipated. Hopefully, there won’t be enough books!

I have just completed a light edit of all my books and plan to do a reading from one of them (yet to be decided). Incidentally, all my books take place in locations not far from Coventry, including Coventry itself (the Godiva Statue gets a mention in Nora). Locations include fictional villages in Warwick, Solihull, Bedworth and Lichfield. All thrillers are set in the modern day. The murky side of human nature provides the theme, including gambling addiction, voyeurism, peer pressure and abduction.

A Talk on Deeply Psychological Thrillers

None of my books would have been written without some sort of risk. The result I feel are quirky English thrillers that is heavy on the irony and peppered with disparate elements. My aim? To make the read memorable. I do not want the reader to put the book down, although must accept this will not occur on every occasion. All my novels are deeply psychological.

Book Talk in Coventry

I plan to also inform on the business of publishing thrillers as well as screenplays. As I anticipate the audience to be mostly fiction readers, will retain focus upon this area, but my book talk will also include a little about my art instruction books, written under my real name.

Signed copies of my novels will be available for £6 each. I can accept only cash or cheques. I will also have for sale copies of one of my art instruction books Oil Paintings from Your Garden for just £2 each. Light refreshments will be available.

I plan the event to have an informal feel, where visitors are free to chat and ask questions. As this will be my first books talk of this kind, anticipate it will be an exciting experience.

Hope to see you there.

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