Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Thrilling Audiobook The Shuttered Room by Charles Jay Harwood a Talking Book on Kidnap

This talking book on kidnapping relates on a rich girl trapped in a room by three nasty thugs.
This psychological thriller delves into the disturbing experience of a woman who plays mind games with her kidnappers via a spy hole in the ceiling. But her hopes of driving a wedge between her captors do not go to plan.

Psychological Thriller Audiobook on Kidnapping

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Jess, the central character finds herself locked in an upstairs room while her captors negotiate the ransom demand. But having been raised in a sterile, money-orientated environment, we learn Jess has been twisted by her unloving parents. The result is that she has an odd psychological quirk that causes her to play a dangerous mind game with her hosts.

Audio Book on Kidnap

Her episodes are triggered after she cuts a little hole in the bedroom floor with a cutlery knife in a failed bid to escape imprisonment. Instead, she gains access to her abductors’ private lives via a spyhole in the living room ceiling. At first, she makes fun of her hosts to while away the hours, but as her spying becomes obsessive, she finds her own state of mind in peril when she grows rather too intimate with the psychological states of three dangerous criminals.

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Thrilling Talking Book on Abduction

The Shuttered Room thriller has been through major revisions during its adaptation into an audiobook, and these changes have now been reflected in all editions. This thriller is now available in large print, Kindle, paperback and audiobook.

The Shuttered Room can also be found in a 4 in 1 audio thriller bundlebook, Eclipse Quartet: 3 Psychological Thrillers. This 32 hour long audio book can be attained for just 1 audible credit.

This is my third audio book but is my first adaptation of a full length thriller into audio. Narrating an audiobook is a mammoth task, not least because of the different characters and the emotional states of each, as well as hours of recording.

The Shuttered Room audiobook can be found on Audible, Amazon and Itunes for download.

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