Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Find the Time to Write your Novel

You can find the time to write that novel. Even if parental commitments, caring responsibilities or work pressures take your day. Here are some tips to find the time to finish that novel.

Novel Writing Organiser

Time constraints may make a routine impossible for some novel writers. This means setting realistic and flexible goals. A weekly target is better than a daily one, as some days will be more productive than others and some may even be non-productive. Much can be done in three hours per week, which could be achieved all in one go, or half an hour per day with one day off.

Some writers like to put aside a little time each day. Anything from an hour to ten minutes is time well-spent. But it is important to accept the body is not a machine and that every writer is different. This means getting to know the best time to write, which could be early morning for some; late in the evening for others.

When it comes to a creative space, a bureau, the kitchen table or even a bedside cabinet will do. Keep a stash of good quality writing materials that are kept exclusively for writing.

Writing during Childcare

It is important to remember a new parent must make allowances for a few sleepless nights. However, authors who have children can use empty time slots to good use, such as when the kids are in the bath, during afternoon naps or waiting in the car. Even when the hands are busy during household chores, the mind can be active dreaming up ideas for the novel or finding solutions. Keep a notebook handy around the house for when ideas occur.

Time Organiser for Writers

Writing a novel can be very energy consuming so it is vital to keep healthy. If the writer wishes to make good use of the small time that is available, eating a balanced diet and getting proper sleep will help. It is easy to forget that pressures will affect mental concentration and not to expect too much if there are large commitments at hand such as Christmas gatherings or lots of school visits.

Get a Novel Written in a Year

There are many books on how to complete a novel quickly on the market to help organise the writer who may find it difficult to keep on top of the novel. Completing a novel in thirty days is a popular theme, although there are others on keeping the writer on track for completing a novel in a year.

Novel Writing Software

Creative writing software have great features to help the disorganised author get organised, which include special features that help writers overcome writer’s block, a character questionnaire and story builder. NewNovelist, considered to be the best novel writing program by reviewers of publications such as the Sunday Times and Guardian, allows the writer to work in any way he or she wishes – backwards, forwards or from the middle. Its resource centre is thought to offer the best support for writers.

Completing the Novel

The author who has lots of commitments, such as work or family pressures may find it hard to complete a novel. But a well organised writer will be able to squeeze pockets of time out of the day. Keeping in good health will help retain the best cerebral performance for what little time is available. But the incurably disorganised writer may seek support from books that help the writer complete a novel in a month or a year, or perhaps novel writing software.

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