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How do I Drive Traffic to My Ebook with Kewords?

Publishing an ebook or pdf book is only the beginning of a bumpy journey for the author, as with millions of other titles to compete with, how can the ebook get noticed and make sales for the author?

How to Make Money from Ebook Marketing

Regardless of how riveting the plot might be, unless the author takes reign of every marketing strategy available to get the digital book seen, the story will remain largely unread. So what can the author do to drive traffic to and make money from an ebook? Well, there are many ways to get interested customers to the electronic book, such as:
  • Marketing the ebook by using keywords.
  • The appearance of the book cover design.
  • The title of the book.
  • The write up, review or blurb.
  • The price of the ebook.
  • And finally, what the book is about.
Each of these elements is quite in depth, and so is covered in separate articles, but a key factor and the focus of this article is good use of keywords.

Making Money from Ebook Sales

Web writers can ascertain search volume and competition of various keywords via Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool (a link to this keyword tool is provided at the bottom of this article). Keywords are essentially words or group of words web writers use in their articles to ensure the page is easily found or highly ranked on Google search results.

To simplify the process, imagine the electronic book is a thriller about a bank robbery. The author might brainstorm words and phrases a potential reader might use to find a book like this. Such phrases might be, crime story, detective fiction novel, adventure crime thriller, bank robbery story, train robbery, fiction about a train robbery, etc.

Keyword Search Tool for Epublishing

The next step is to select relevant and highly searched against keywords from the Google’s Keyword Tool. It takes a little getting used to, but a careful peruse of tutorials means the writer can make good use of this free keyword tool.

If the writer captures keywords within speech marks into the Google search bar, the competition of these keywords will be given. The term, “detective fiction novel” has a global search volume of around 2000, which is quite high, but using this phrase means the writer is competing with other webpages who are using this exact phrase. Google’s search has revealed 182,000 results, which makes this key phrase unsuitable for enovel marketing, as it will be buried beneath other results with the same phrase.

Making Sales from a Digital Novel

One strategy is attaching a few words to a high search volume phrase to bring the competition down. The phrase “detective fiction novel about a train robbery” has no competition and might bring a few visitors. However, the secret to finding the best keywords is to find search queries lots of people are using but are scarcely used by web writers. This is known as the money word matrix. Keyword research takes time, but is worth it.

The Best Keywords for Enovels

The most effective keywords for driving traffic to a digital novel are those that are not vague, such as “crime novel,” but those that are specific, such as, “story about a train robbery.” Use synonyms, such as heist, hold-up or siege. Ensure also that the keywords accurately describe the enovel. It’s no good using words like “mystery thriller,” if there is no mystery in the story. Of course, the writer must include the title of the novel and the writer’s credit so that the potential customer will easily find the ebook again.

Keywords for Ebook Marketing

The author may by now have several keywords and phrases to use for marketing the enovel. The best place for these words is in headings, subheadings, bullet points, hyperlinks and dotted around the body text. Ideal opportunities for a scattering of keywords might be in the novel synopsis, the blurb or enovel description.

If sales of the ebook remain slow, the author can always go back and make amendments to the keywords used, or change them altogether. Driving traffic to a web page via keyword strategies is often one of trial and error.

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