Monday, 13 June 2016

How to Add Multiple Pen Names to Author Central on Amazon

Every author must have an author page on Amazon, including pseudonyms. This free writer’s marketing tool enables fans and readers to find out more about you and your other books. You can use your existing Amazon account to create author central. Just log onto Author Central

An author central is also available on But the UK site does not presently allow a third pen name. I have emailed them to see if they will add it manually.

Adding Multiple Pen Names on Amazon

If you write under more than one pen name, you can create separate author pages from just one account. I write under my own name, and also have two other pen names. You can have up to three names under one account on

If you write under more than three names, then it might be worth creating another Amazon account.

Here’s how to create more than one author page from author central.

Refer to images below for further clarification.

1 Log into Author Central.
2 On the panel above, click on ‘books’.
3 Now you can click on the tab, ‘add more books’ that appears just beneath the message ‘are we missing a book?’
4 The link enables you to find your book that you have written under a pen name.
5 When you find your book, click on the link ‘this is my book’.
6 A pop up box will appear. Click on the message ‘if you write under a different name let us know’.
7 Enter your new pen name.
8 Click ‘yes this is me.’

A new author page has been created.

How to Create Author pages for Multiple Pen Names

Creating an Author Page

You can now switch to different pen names via the drop down menu on the top right of the webpage. Your new author page will take up to 5 days to show up on Amazon, but in my experience has been quicker. Updates will show up almost immediately.

Author Central will add book manually or assist with further updates if you experience other problems.

With your new Author Page under a third pen name, you can add a photo, write a bio, add videos and add more books as you publish more.

Updates will show up immediately. It is a good idea to review your author pages periodically to ensure the bio is kept up to date. Customers can more easily discover your books as well as new titles.

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