Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Page Level Ads on Blogger Error Message: Could not Load Template Preview

Making money blogging has been made a little easier. Google’s page-level ads are a special type of Adsense code with two actions: They stick to the screen regardless of the scrolling action. These are known as anchor or overlay ads.

Page Level Ads on Blogger
The other type of ad, vignette ads, appears between pages. These take up the whole screen. Page level ads can be easily be dismissed. The great thing is that page level ads do not count towards your quota of 3 ad units per webpage. This could only mean more money for the blogger!

Money Making Tips for Bloggers

How to put page level ads on your Blog

I tried to implement the code into my blog template, but error messages kept coming up. Such as the following:

“Could not load template preview: Error parsing XML, line 5, column 15: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character.”

Fellow bloggers may experience the same difficulty with a similar message which might spur the scratching of heads. However, I found a way of overcoming this problem. Here is my step by step instruction on how to place page level ads onto your blog starting from the beginning.

Select Page Level Ads for extra Adsense earnings
1 sign into your Google account which holds your blogs and your Adsense.
2 In your Adsense page, click on My Ads on the left hand menu.
3 Select ‘page level ads’.
4 Under ‘status’, select the 2 boxes from ‘0’ to ‘1’.
5 Scroll down to click ‘Get code’
6 Copy the code that comes up.

By simply pasting this code into your blog template will spur error messages. The code that I had used for my blog was:
Extra Adense earnings

Which did not work.

To make page level ads work on your blog, you will have to paste the amended code found below, and place your unique 16 digit publisher id into the highlighted section as shown. 

I had amended this code by simply following Google’s instructions.

Step by Step Adsense Guide for Blogging

Placing Adense code into Blog template
You can easily find your unique 16 digit publisher ID by clicking on the gear icon on the top right of your Adsense account. Select ‘settings’ and then ‘account information’. At the top, you will see your 16 digit publisher ID.

Simply place this publisher ID into the bolded section I have provided of the code.

7 Now go to your blogger dashboard and select the blog you wish to implement page level ads.
8 Click on ‘template.’
9 Click on ‘edit HTML’
10 Paste the code beneath the Head. section of your blog. You should find on around line 5 or so.

You can preview the blog before saving changes to make sure the code does not show up on your blog.

If something goes wrong, don’t worry. Simply refresh the page without saving changes, and the changes will be lost.

Once you have successfully placed the page level ads code into your blog, you can view it on you mobile phone, tablet or other reading device.

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