Sunday, 7 November 2010

I Wish I could Self Publish My Novel for Free

Self publishing a novel for nothing is possible through Amazon’s CreateSpace program which enables the author to produce a book, get it published, have the book printed on demand or as electronic book. The costs are deducted from the royalties at source, leaving the author with a tidy profit with no outlay.

Make Your Own Book through Amazon

Self-Publishing with Amazon's CreateSpace: A Resource Guide for the Author Considering Self-Publishing
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Amazon’s CreateSpace is a hub of free online publishing tools that enables the writer to publish, sell and distribute books through Amazon. The CreateSpace account means the writer can sell books through three different channels. These are:

Online Ebook Marketing

Amazon’s eKindle Digital Text Platform, an ebookstore for customers who prefer to view a book electronically via a Kindle, Ipad or other electronic book reader. Epublishing a book this way costs the author nothing and makes the book easily available to readers wishing to save money on hard copies.

The system also allows the author to display sample pages of the book on a personal website or blog with a direct link to Amazon, streamlining the customer experience.

Print on Demand Self Publishing

Another way to market a novel to millions of potential customers is through A “look inside” feature enables the customer to view a sample of the book prior to purchase. If a hard copy is ordered, Amazon is able to print books singularly via Lightning Source (a huge print on demand company), dispensing with the costs of producing a book in bulk.

Expanded Distribution Channel

For a small fee, the author may upgrade the Createspace account to “Pro Plan.” This enables the author’s book to reach other channels beyond and Amazon’s eKindle store. The expanded channels include libraries, educational institutions and bookstores across the US. Again, print on demand is utilised.

Books on Demand for Self Publishing

In order to self publish a novel with Amazon’s CreateSpace, the author has three basic requirements. These are:
  • The complete novel. The file needs to be saved as a PDF for upload onto the Amazon site.
  • A book design cover. This may be provided by the writer, a commissioned artist or obtained from the Amazon design cover software.
  • A sales price of the book. This can be worked out via the Amazon’s online calculator.
  • If listing a novel through, CreateSpace will allocate a free ISBN for the book.
Authors’ Guide to Amazon Self Publishing

POD for Profit: More on the NEW Business of Self Publishing, or How to Publish Your Books With Online Book Marketing and Print on Demand by Lightning Source
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Special features of the CreateSpace publish a book are as follows:
  • A book cover designer that the author may utilise if the author is unable to produce one.
  • For a small fee, online consultants to help the writer with editing marketing, design and selling.
  • Functions that enable the writer to price the book via online calculators for book size, number of pages and matters of color illustrations within.
  • Amazon’s royalty calculator that enable the author to work out the profits of each book. In the case of ebooks, the writer may choose between the 70% royalty option (for digital books within a low price bracket) and the 35% royalty option (for ebooks above this price bracket).
  • A free ISBN generator.
  • Professional binding’
  • Laminated book cover for print on demand books.
  • The option of printing on cream or white paper.
  • The option to publish in different languages.
  • A supportive forum.
Self Publish a Novel for Free

Amazon’s CreateSpace enables the novelist to self-publish a novel easily and at little or no cost through three different channels. Amazon’s features make the process of cover design and book marketing easier than the conventional route of finding an agent, producing the book and distribution. Instead, enables the customer to purchase the novel as a digital book or as a print on demand. The author can also make further sales beyond the Amazon threshold when upgrading the CreateSpace account.

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