Saturday, 20 November 2010

What are the Top Ten Best Online Magazines to Write For?

Writing articles for money is one of the best ways to earn passive income, but with so many magazines to choose from, which should the writer go for? Here is a rundown of the ten best online magazines to generate money from freelance writing.

Earn Money Writing from Home by Writing Articles

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Writing for Magazines Online offers an alternative to blogging or writing for a personal website, as the articles will often rank higher on Google search pages. This is due in part to the size of the site, as it will inevitably be larger than the humble blog or personal website. A system that most often works on revenue share, here is a list of the top ten sites to write for.

Suite 101 Online Magazine

One of the largest online magazines on the Net attracting around 20 million readers every month and rising, and which I write for. Get paid for articles on a host of subjects, from arts education to health and beauty. Articles must be between 400 to 800 words and pass editorial standards. Online tutorials are available to help inform writers on how to SEO their articles and optimise Adsense revenue.

Limited positions are available for featured writers who must write one article per week on a specialist subject for an extra bonus. A friendly and supportive writer’s forum is a plus, as well as helpful editors. As with all online magazines, Suite takes a cut of Google Adsense before passing it one to the writer.


Who to Write For
Another opportunity to earn Adsense revenue via online publishing, as well as a cut of Amazon and Ebay affiliation, HubPages is a means for writers to share useful tips, interesting facts, personal reviews or create a fanbase. Writers are able to link back to their own sites if they wish, using HubPages as a sort of promotional space.

Constant Content

Another way to make money writing from home, the writer may create “Constant Content” at will, or sell articles to fulfil a request. Constant Content provides articles for over 10,000 websites, delivered by around 30,000 writers.

Associated Content

Not to be confused with Constant Content, this similarly-named online information resource hosted by Yahoo, enables writers to earn upfront payments from articles which may be posted on Yahoo News, sports or finance. Writers may choose to write on their own topic, or on a subject posted on an “assignment desk.” Payment is tiered to the amount of traffic received.


As the title suggests, the writer may earn money online by writing articles on how to do anything from “how to harvest heat in a home” to “how to transfer music from an Iphone to Itunes.” Articles are often formatted in bullet point for quick, easy digestion of information.


With an interesting 3-tiered referral system, the writer is able to earn money from articles, as well as articles written by third parties. This means the writer gets paid, and gets paid when referred writers get paid.


A means of making money from affiliate share from writing your own “lens” (a snippet of information or overview on an article, blog or anything you like), or selling your lens to a third party. The writer may create links to a personal website or blog, and get paid for it.


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The writer, or “Xombie,” gets paid for indepth knowledge on any subject, which may be in the form of snippets, or longer articles. The revenue share is fifty/fifty. Half the time, the writer gets paid, the other half, Xomba receives the share.


A means of getting paid for writing on what you know, Helium enables the writer to earn money in three ways: daily revenue share from ads, writing contests and upfront payments for writing commissions. Writers may battle for the top spot or win Helium contests.

Update on Writing for Magazines

Many of these websites have been hit heavily by a series of algorythms, namely Google's Panda, which penalises content farming and articles overly-similar to one another. This means the the ranking of the website has gone down as well as the writer's earnings. Some of these websites are trying to regain former rankings but times are difficult. This is not to say that online magazines will not recover in the future.

Article Income Sources

The writer creates informative content and gets paid via contextual advertising. Like Xomba, the writer gets a fifty/fifty share of the revenue earned, but may increase to 70% depending upon the traffic. Article Income have a syndication network of other online magazines on various themes, including sports, shopping and marketing.

Books on How to Earn Money Writing Online


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