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Falling Awake by Charles J Harwood: A Psychological Thriller

Falling Awake is a psychological thriller about a woman who takes a late night commission performing for a mysterious client for urgent cash. But she begins to question the nature of who she is performing for. Paranoia soon sets in.

A Psychological Thriller

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Falling Awake, previously titled Domestic Bliss tells the story of Gemma who is faced with the prospect of repossession after her husband Liam vanishes under mysterious circumstances with only a weird doodle as a clue to why. Gemma is in for a nasty shock about her husband.

But her problems are only just beginning when in desperation Gemma takes up an evening job performing routines with Charlene for an insomniac voyeur, Luke, who watches from across the courtyard in his apartment.

Suspense Thriller

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But her client is rather particular about what he likes to watch and Gemma is anything but a natural performer. An uneasy chemistry develops between them that is not good for her state of mind or the erotic scenarios devised by theatre director, Phil, which he calls ‘Domestic Bliss.’ The negative feedback Gemma gets for her efforts becomes the least of her worries when she suspects Luke is not what he seems.

As the horrifying truth about Liam’s disappearance unfurls, Gemma finds herself obligated to Luke. Gemma begins to suspect her worst fears lie behind the causes of Luke’s insomnia.

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Idea behind Falling Awake

A Creepy Psychological Thriller
Charles J Harwood
I had originally written Falling Awake as a screenplay and then decided to flesh out the characters and add a tense subplot, namely the circumstances surrounding Liam’s disappearance. But the story really centres upon the relationship between Gemma and Luke and how her paranoia about him builds.

I wanted to pose the question what it would be like to feel obligated to someone who you fear most, and worse, to become psychologically compromised.

Falling Awake is my third novel after The Shuttered Room and A Hard Lesson.
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Falling Awake is available in audio, Kindle and paperback.

Note: since publishing this article, this novel can also be found within Eclipse Quartet: Four Psychological Thrillers.

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