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Platforms for Screenwriters to Get Discovered

You do not have to wait for the next screenwriting contest deadline or response from a film agent to get your screenplay discovered. You can also upload your screenplay onto various online platforms where they are viewable 24/7 for people in the movie industry looking for new screenwriting talent.

Getting Your Screenplay Read

Screenwriting platforms are basically websites that host your screenplay for public view. On registration, you will have access to screenwriting forums and discussions with other screenwriters, get reviewed by those like yourself and/or those in the movie industry. You will also get exposure to those looking for screenwriting talent. Most screenwriting platforms are free, but some charge for registration and/or hosting on the site. Look out for prizes and opportunities to improve your craft of screenwriting.

Should I Upload My Screenplay for Public View?

Of course it is always advisable to register your work with the WGA or similar before uploading. Unless the work is copied verbatim or parts of it lifted, the screenwriter will find it hard to prove that someone else has made some basic alterations to your screenplay and given it a different title. The premise for a story or an idea cannot be copyrighted. However, hiding the screenplay away in fear of this happening is also not ideal. Some of the following screenwriting platforms offer security against this happening and all recommend protecting your copyright as much as possible.


More than 120 films have been produced from writers who are a member of Inktip. Members include writers, producers and film agents. A logline and synopsis (not the screenplay itself) can be uploaded for free. The site is also accessible to almost 3000 industry professionals making the site ideal for the right exposure. Only industry professionals (not other writers) have access to reading your screenplay which makes it more secure against plagiarism. The screenplay must also be fully copyrighted with the Writer’s Guild of America or similar, prior to upload. Just register and this screenwriting platform could help you sell your script. Registration is free, but including your script onto InkTip’s searchable index costs $60 per 6 months. You must sign and return a release form to become a member. Read carefully before uploading.


Created by Ben Cahan, the creator of Final Draft screenwriting software, this screenwriter’s platform provides exposure for full length features, hour-long dramas, shorts and snippets. A logline voting system enables the logline for your screenplay to get praise or a makeover from Script Pipeline as well as a ‘screenwriter’s lounge’ for advice and to swap ideas. A virtual TalentDollar currency enables you to ‘earn’ by reviewing other screenplays in order to ‘buy’ a review for yours from someone else. Feedbacks for scripts are broken down into concept, story, character, structure, dialogue, writing and overall. A Hall of Fame offers awards for the best screenplays and further exposure and opportunities from Scriptapalooza.

Amazon Studios

A screenwriter’s platform set up by Amazon and Warner Brothers, this site offers screenwriters the chance to be read, reviewed and work in collaboration with other writers for monthly prizes and a chance to get produced. The first 30 pages of your screenplay are guaranteed a read by an industry professional on upload. Other writers and film producers may create a film trailers, shorts and dialogue tracks from your screenplay. You must read the developmental agreement carefully, as upload automatically options your screenplay for 18 months. A clause prohibits uploading your screenplay elsewhere during this period, so uploading onto Talentville, for example after uploading onto Amazon Studios would conflict with the developmental agreement.


A platform for screenwriters, authors, film makers and film lovers to share, network and learn from others. A veteran site starting in 2002, film lovers and industry specialists may review screenplays regarding concept, character, dialogue, story, structure and overall. Short stories and short movies can also be found here. Like Talentville mentioned above, you earn review credits by reviewing others. To earn credits, you must request an assignment and then review. If your screenplay becomes featured by TriggerStreet, TriggerStreet have first option to buy your screenplay for a period of no less than 90 days. A ‘Hall of Justice’ is set up by seasoned users to regulate the site.

Websites for Screenplays

The screenwriter does not have to wait for replies from film agents or the next contest deadline. Websites holding databases for screenplays viewable at any time by industry professionals as well as film lovers to review, collaborate, swap ideas, and perhaps even get discovered. Of course, putting your screenplay on public view always poses the risk of plagiarism. Always register your screenplay with the WGA or similar beforehand.

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