Monday, 23 January 2012

Book Marketing with SEO Firms

You have published your novels and need to drive traffic to your blog or webpage selling your book. Search engine optimization and Adwords would appear to be the most effective way to market your books, but it all seems confusing. The option of finding a good SEO expert would seem to be answer.

Leading SEO Firms for Writers

You do not have to look far to find lots of SEO companies promising to increase traffic to your site and get your blog ranked number one on the internet, or in this case, get your book sales going. The trouble is, they are all promising the same thing, and if the testimonials are not accurate, you may have already shelled out a lot of money before this becomes apparent.

SEO Firms to Avoid

I would personally recommend finding out how Adwords work and how to use keywords to drive traffic to your site. My articles on this blog: beginner’s guide to keyword marketing and use Adwords to sell your books will help clarify how the system works. All you need to do is create an account with Google to get access to all the free resources needed to SEO your book blog. This will undoubtedly save hundreds of pounds on book marketing. However, if you have some money to spend and would rather spend the time writing, I would recommend Google’s certified partners.

Google Adword Partners

I am naturally very wary of websites that promise something without recognized qualifications to back up their testimonials. I like to see the backing of reputable firms and customer reviews. This is why, if presented with the dilemma of finding an SEO company to help market my book, I would look to Google Certified Partners. These are Google-approved firms that can maximize use of Google’s tools such as the Adwords Programme, keyword marketing and analytics. Each firm has to pass a certified exam by Google which is pretty rigorous.

Google Endorsed SEO Help

Really, there are three levels of Google partners within each area: Google Certified Partners, Google Certified Trainers and Google Premier SMB Partners, offering different levels of expertise in each area, which might be Adwords campaign, website marketing (SEO) or search engine marketers (SEM). Their job is really to manage Adword accounts for clients wishing to market their business.

Where to Find the Nearest SEO Expert

A Google Certified Partner can be found worldwide, so you just need to conduct a search. Put in your location, your budget (your weekly spend on Adwords consultancy) and some basic information about your business, in this case, selling books. You will be presented with a list of SEO consultants that hold Google’s badge. Click on one and you will find out how many qualified employees are in the business and where their specialty lies, which might be search advertising, reporting and analytics or display advertising. You can also report a complaint if services offered do not live up to expectations.

Saving Money on SEO Consultants

Writing a series of books is time consuming in itself, which may lead the writer to hire an SEO expert to drive traffic to his/her writer blog where the book is being sold, (or at least to a webpage linking to your books). Doing this could save the writer the headache of trawling through instructions on how to create an Adword campaign or how to use effective keywords to market books. I would personally try to learn this skill myself, but if you have a suitable budget and little time, there is little harm in hiring an SEO consultant to help market your books. Google certified partners might be a safer bet.

Tips on Using Keywords to Market your Books

Use the money word matrix to drive traffic to your books
Beginners guide to using keywords
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The first pages of your novel
Google certified partners


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