Monday, 26 October 2015

How to Use Twitter to Promote your Book

I don’t believe in purchasing followers on Twitter. What would be the point? All the followers on my Twitter page are genuine. There aren’t many at the moment, but quality is better than quantity.

The followers on my page are those I like to reach. Real people: authors, book lovers, audiobook narrators and book publishers. It is a given that Audible, ACX, Kindle and GoodReads are included. But individuals are important. Some wildcards that I simply find interesting are included; creative people from various sectors.

Posting Interesting Tweets

I am careful about what I post. I don’t spam and go on and on about my books. I will post an excerpt now and again, to keep my books in the feed, but I will also post useful tips about writing, how to market ebooks and other useful info, such as how to format large print books and how to fill in a tax return if the writer lives in the UK. As an avid reader, I will also post book reviews.

Sharing useful information will more often create interest in your Twitter feed. Interest equals curiosity and curiosity will lead to more visitors reading your blog and seeing your books.

Author Tweets

Tweeting useful information will get noticed. Someone is more likely to visit the link to a blog and have a read. Perhaps this might result in some subscribers and readers. All without spamming.

Sharing Tweets

I will post tweets with real people in mind, not just as a sales pitch and therefore will not repeat or go on about reading my books. I rarely direct message people unless the subject of the tweet directly relates to that person. I will always retweet and favorite someone else’s tweet if I find it educational or interesting.

I have quite a number of articles that could be useful to followers and I will rotate links to my articles. Now and again, I will post a link that relates to one of my books. I will retweet if I gain a large number of followers later to ensure they see my new content. Sometimes, I will create a meme or post a picture on my Twitter feed to add interest of capture attention. Some of my links will also lead to my YouTube clips where an excerpt of my audiobook can be sampled.

I will dedicate about two minutes or so to Twitter per day, no more.

Scheduling Your Tweets

Tweets can be scheduled months in advance. This means Twitter can post your tweets at a specified time. You can have a list of tweets prepared for when you go on holiday for instance. This will ensure your presence on Twitter will remain when you are away from the computer. In the end, gaining a genuine following through posting interesting and useful content will more likely create interest in your books. This is why I am careful not to over promote.

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