Sunday, 14 February 2010

Adsense Revenue for Beginners

What is Adsense and how can it be used to enhance online income for the webmaster? Well, despite much being written about Google’s Adsense programme, many still find it difficult to understand. The principle is quite simple.

Definition of Adsense

Creating a website has the potential to earn online income every time the webmaster creates a webpage, so long as the website has been “monetized.” This does not entail selling anything.
Income is generated every time an online searcher clicks upon an advert, which is made possible due to the small adverts displayed on the side of web content and on SERPS pages. These adverts are mainly generated by Google, and are known as “Adwords,” for the words they contain. These adverts are targeted towards the surfer looking for specific information. If it so happens that the surfer finds something he has been looking for and the advert happens to be displayed alongside a webmaster’s website content or article, the webmaster earns a commission from that click. If the website has been created for free, the webmaster has made optimum profits.

Making Money from a Blog or Website

Monetizing a website involves a mere click of a button. The adverts are automatically generated by Google and are selected according to the keywords the article uses. So if it is about gardening, and gardening terms are used in the title and subtitles of the web content, adverts about gardening will be displayed automatically. This serves to enhance the viewer’s experience if that person is looking for that particular subject.

In a way, the webmaster is getting paid to display ads upon his “shop window” should a customer take sufficient interest to enquire upon an advert, or “click” upon it.

Adwords Management

Each advert displayed is known as an “ad unit,” and can be placed anywhere upon the webpage. Some webmasters conduct lengthy research into colour schemes, the number of, and where to place each ad unit on a website. This can be done via Google’s Website Optimizing tool which can be found in the Google account.

Cost Per Click

Each advert or “adword unit,” will yield a different value for the webmaster, depending upon what it is advertising. An advert, for instance, about car insurance, will yield more commission for the webmaster than one about the purchase of art materials, due to the money it could make for the advertiser. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the webmaster to find out exactly what each ad is worth, but he can make a rough estimate by conducting research by using the Google Adwords tool.

Google Pay Per Click Revenue

To summarise, the webmaster can make good Adsense revenue by the following:

• Opening an Adsense account with Google and carefully reading the tutorials
• Monetizing the website or blog, so that adverts will be displayed alongside the content
• Using appropriate keywords within the web content in order to generate contextual adverts
• Experimenting with the placement, palette and format of the ad units to see which formula works the best by using Google’s Optimizer tool, which can be found within the webmaster’s Google account.
• Importantly, writing interesting, original and relevant information, which will increase the likelihood of the page earning backlinks (links from another website) and so increasing its visibility on the internet

Make Money from Website Advertising

The webmaster or blogger has a great opportunity to make money online by monetizing the webpage. This involves displaying ad units, or “Adwords” alongside the web content. Each time a visitor takes sufficient interest to click upon one of the adverts, the webmaster earns a commission.

Different adverts will yield a different value per click, depending upon what is advertised. The webmaster should avoid writing about a high earning subject matter if there is not passion about the subject, for this will show in the article. The cardinal rule is to create an interesting, content rich page that will increase traffic, which in turn will increase the likelihood of earning more ad clicks for the webmaster.


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