Sunday, 14 February 2010

Make Money with Free Webspace Through Google Sites

There are numerous free webhosting services available, offering great features for web building, but the webmaster is able to earn Adsense revenue by creating a website free of charge from Google’s own Google Sites programme, which can be found within the webmaster’s own Google account.

Advantages of Google Sites Features

The Googles Sites features have many advantages over web building from scratch or other free webspace, because it is a Google creation.

• The sitemap will have been automatically generated by Google
• It saves the rigmarole of constantly having to resubmit sitemaps whenever webpages have been added or altered because, the sitemap is automatically updated by Google
• The website is instantly tagged as “safe to proceed” on the SERPS page because the webspace is Google’s own creation
• Formatting Adsense adverts is made simple by a few clicks as opposed to copying and pasting different Adsense units and checking to see if they look OK on webpages
• Numerous templates to choose from, as well as colours, fonts and page formats
• Images and videos are easily uploaded
• Limitless number of websites can be created
• Numerous gadgets can be added
• Use of a supportive forum
• And it is all free

Making Money for Nothing

The webmaster must first create an account with Google in order to take advantage of earning through Adsense for free. Having a Google account enables the webmaster to:

• Create a website easily and for free with Google Sites
• Sign up for Google’s Adsense programme which will enable the webmaster to make money for nothing
• Sign up for Google analytics which will enable the webmaster to monitor traffic, demographic data and the top performing webpages
• Use webmaster tools to manage sitemaps and view which pages have been indexed by Google

Patience is required when creating a new website until the Google’s spiders, have trawled the web for new websites to index. This happens every few days or so, but may take longer. But being a creation of Google, Google Sites can easily be viewed by the “Googlebots” and indexed. Good use of keywords and inbound links from other sites or a blog, will optimise the website further, but these issues are covered in a separate article.

Cheap Domain Name

Most webmaster dislike the appearance the URL which will result from creating a website from Google Sites, beginning with “”, so the webmaster may decide to purchase a web domain name. This may improve the performance of the Google Sites website. GoDaddy among others offer this service for a small annual fee.

Creating a Website with Free Hosting Service

The novice will need to read the tutorials on how to create a website with Google Sites, which have video clips and step by step instructions. A supportive forum is also available. The only drawback is that the webmaster will be unable to manipulate the HTML codes at source, which may not be suitable for the more adventurous webmaster, but for the majority who simply wishes to write articles supported by images and video clips and earn Adsense revenue for the privilege, Google Sites is more than suitable.

Make Money from Google Sites

The novice web builder will discover an easy way of creating a website for free via free webhosting in the form of Google Sites. This programme enables the webmaster to write articles, add images and video clips with ease.

The beauty of Google Sites is that, since it is a creation of Google, Adsense is easily implemented and sitemaps are automatically generated by Google, and the website is almost immediately tagged as “safe to proceed” on the SERPS page, enhancing traffic to the website.

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