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Keyword Marketing via the Money Word Matrix

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords
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Effective website optimization by the use of carefully chosen keywords will ensure the website will rank highly on search engines and be seen by many. But what are these magic keywords? And what is a keyword when marketing a website?

Getting a Website Noticed

A beautifully written article or webpage is not enough to get it read by hundreds of visitors every day and generate Adsense income. The webmaster must include keywords that will ensure the webpage will be found. A keyword or keyphrase is one that a searcher uses when conducting a search, such as “how do I promote my website?”

Essential Tips on Using Keywords for Website Promotion

The webmaster must include these search phrases into his website, which is what keywords are. But these must be relevant to the website so that the relevant adverts are triggered alongside the content. He or she must also write for another reader, not for search engines, or the text will not read naturally. Carefully chosen keywords and careful placement is the key.

The Best Keywords for SEO

Not any keyword will do, for highly competitive keywords such as those associated with weight loss or making money, are used in abundance within webpages, meaning it will be buried among thousands of websites. The shrewd webmaster must find a niche market that has low website competition, yet high search term volume. This is what the Money Word Matrix is. The principle is as follows:
Keyword Optimization Tips

Type in a keyword or phrase within speech marks into the Google search engine, and see how many results show up. If more than 50,000 results come back, the keyword or phrase has too much competition and is a poor choice.
• A keyword or phrase with lower competition, such as 20,000 or less, is a better choice, but are there enough searchers using that particular search term? The answer to this can be found on Google Adwords Tool. This tool reveals a list of real search terms used by searchers every month.
• The general rule of thumb is that if there is a search volume of around 1000 or more per month for a particular term, yet the search term only comes up around 10,000 or less in Google’s search engine, the search term would make an excellent keyword or phrase for inclusion.
• Good keywords are those which has similar results in Google’s search engine, but has a search volume of around 500 to 1000 per month.
• Basically, the higher the search volume and the lower the competition, the better the keyword choice.

The only downside to this research is that it is lengthy. But the webmaster may keep a spreadsheet of the ideal keywords to use for website optimization.

Where to Place Keywords in Articles

Once the keywords have been selected, they must be strategically placed within the article or text, which may be:

• The URL address of the web domain
• The leading paragraph or the first fifty words of the article
• Within headings and subheadings, which must be title case and in bold
• Within anchor text of links
• The concluding paragraph of the article or webpage
• Tags of images

Best Keywords for Website Marketing

Using great keywords is the key to making a website noticed by search engines and visitors. Including actual search terms used by visitors, yet ones that have low competition within Google’s search results will fare well for the webmaster, but the article or webpage must be written with the reader in mind, not for the search engine, or it will not flow properly. Great content always wins in the end, earning backlinks and recommendations.

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