Sunday, 14 February 2010

How to Buy a Web Domain Name

The webmaster may think that buying a web domain name may have little impact upon the performance of the website, but this assumption will be wrong, for the URL of any web address if the first thing a visitor sees when presented with search results. Because of this, great consideration should be given to the URL address of any website.
Domain Name Registration

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When a webmaster first creates a website with a free web hosting service, the website will be in two parts: the root zone, which denotes the web server’s address, followed by the webmaster’s account name. An example of this is:

This is the URL of one of my own websites. The webmaster may be dissatisfied with the appearance of a long and clunky looking URL, address and decide to purchase a top level domain name from a domain name provider, such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions. These charge a small annual fee for this service, but buying a good domain name wisely requires careful thought first.

Domain Name Tips

The following suggestions will help the webmaster in selecting the best domain name:
  • Prefer the short domain name to the long, preferably one that is shorter than fifteen characters in length
  • When conceiving a web address, prefer the extension .com, .org, or .org, as opposed to .biz. or .family, for example.
  • Avoid odd spellings, symbols and weird abbreviations
  • Ensure the domain name is memorable
  • Make sure the domain name is relevant to the website’s content
  • Have alternative ideas handy in case the domain name is already taken
  • Discount is often offered for multiple domain names, which is worth consideration
  • Seek the second opinion of an informed party if in doubt
The domain market place is in constant flux, and domain names are always going back on the market, so it is worth checking back to see if a desired but unavailable domain name becomes available again.

Domain Name Advice

Whichever domain name provider the webmaster decides to go with, it is wise to check its reputation for reliability first, for good customer support is vital to any business. But choosing the best domain name for a website will contribute to its success. This means thinking carefully about the URL address at the top level. A catchy and short domain name that says something about the web content is the best way of optimizing a website and attracting relevant visitors who are more likely to remember the domain name in the future


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