Tuesday, 16 February 2010

High Paying Adsense Keywords

Generating an income from writing, whether through a website, online magazine or blog, is an exciting preoccupation, thanks to affiliate programmes such as Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon. But the webmaster must bear in mind that two websites that receive similar traffic and ad clicks, could earn vastly different income. Why? Because of cost per clicks or CPC (sometimes known as pay per click, or PPC).

Google AdSense For Dummies
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Adwords Cost Per Click

Effective web marketing will bring an influx of visitors to a site or blog, yet the webmaster could be disappointed with the Adsense return, paying only pennies per ad click. This is because some keywords will trigger lower paying Adwords adverts than others.

Adwords Guide

It may come as little surprise to some, that a keyword that triggers Adword adverts on insurance and finance, will pay more than, say than one that triggers adverts displaying art suppliers. This is because a commission from the former is likely to involve more money. The advertiser is therefore prepared to pay more for an ad click. Higher paying topics are more competitive, and there is a huge volume of webpages devoted to these higher paying subjects. To get some idea of what keywords are worth, the webmaster must get to grips with using the Google Adwords Keyword tool.

Adsense Tips

By putting in suggested keyword ideas into this invaluable tool, associated search terms used by actual visitors will be displayed. When used in a webpage, these search terms can be used as keywords that will trigger desired Adwords ads. Each keyword will yield a different value, which can be seen alongside each search term displayed in the Google tool. The commission paid to a webmaster depends upon a number of factors, some of which are outside of the webmaster’s control:

  • Higher paying topics are those that have higher profit potential, such as those associated with business and finance. Ad clicks on such adverts will yield high revenue for the webmaster
  • The amount of Adword competition. A highly niche keyword may have little competition to bid with. To fill ad spaces, Google may display non contextual adverts, which are less likely to yield clicks. This may cause lower Adsense revenue.
  • The quality of the advertising campaign and the words used in the Adwords displayed
  • Adwords are location-sensitive, meaning that depending upon where the visitor is located in the world, different Adwords will be displayed. Little competition in a particular area may cause lower revenue.
The Best Keywords for Ad Clicks

Regardless of the topic the webmaster chooses, strategic use of the Google’s Adwords Keyword tool will reveal which keywords and phrases are likely to yield high paying clicks. Checking results on the search engine will reveal how many times that phrase has been used within indexed webpages. Keywords and phrases with low volume results should be preferred.

Make the Most of Google Adwords Adsense

This does not mean that lower paying keywords should be avoided altogether if a volume of ad clicks will occur. Finding a balance between infrequent high paying clicks and a numerous low paying ad clicks is the key to earning a decent income from Adsense revenue.

But none of this would be possible unless the website or blog is visible in the first place. This is where SEO, or search engine marketing comes in, and will help contribute to attracting traffic, and therefore ad clicks to a website.

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