Monday, 15 February 2010

How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

There are an increasing number of platforms that writers can use to promote themselves and make money writing online articles. The main players are Suite 101, Associated Content, Ezine Articles, Helium, Hubpages, Squidoo, Xomba and others. There are advantages and disadvantages for writing for each.

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Which is the Best Online Magazine to Write For?

The writer who works alone on a blog or website will soon discover that getting traffic, and therefore Adsense revenue is difficult. This is because the website or blog is a small entity among thousands of other websites and blogs of similar size, floating adrift within the vast ocean that is the Internet, hoping to be discovered.
A website in the form of a large online magazine is more like a tanker on this ocean, where the writer is more likely to be seen and therefore making a living. This is because the larger online magazines have a much better overall pagerank than the average websites or blog.

Writing for Suite 101

Such online magazines are constantly on the lookout for new writers because the sheer volume of content will retain their pagerank. Each magazine works in different ways. Suite 101, for example, passes on a share of the Adsense revenue to the writer once their percentage has been deducted from Google. Contributing writers must post at least one article per week; featured writers (a writer in a specialised topic) must write at least one article on that topic per week.

The good thing about Suite 101 is that the writer carries on earning Adsense revenue for each article for years to come, whether the writer continues to write for Suite 101 or not. Unlike some other online magazines, a certain editorial standard is maintained as editors will flag articles that contain typos.

Earning Backlinks from Online Articles

Other online magazines pay a flat fee as opposed to ongoing revenue. The standard of work is by no means the same everywhere. Some prefer volume of work to accuracy. The writer must be wary of being associated with an online magazine of poor quality. Some writers merely use online magazines to create backlinks to their own websites or blog. Xomba, for instance, enables the writer to write short article snippets, known as “xombytes” which serve merely to provide a link to another article.

Online Magazine Article Writing

Earning income from writing articles is often a slow process and the small initial income for hours of work will often put many writers off. However, with the right strategy, the article writer can earn a decent income with the following thoughts:

Persistence is essential. The writer who hopes to make a regular income must look at long term goals as opposed to the short term. Revenue will dip on some days, but the overall trend will rise, so long as the writer keeps on writing articles

SEO Article Writing

The writer must conduct research into keywords for the article. Google’s Adwords Keyword tool is essential for this purpose. It will inform the writer which topics are likely to earn more money per ad click, if there is a lot of search volume on that search term, and if there is enough advertising competition for that topic. The writer may then sprinkle these keywords and phrases throughout strategic areas of the article, such as the headings, subheadings, introductory paragraph and anchor text on links.

Get Paid to Write Articles

Making money through writing articles online requires discipline and determination. The writer must enjoy doing it, or it will feel like a slog. However, the writer may bear in mind, that so long as the articles are written with the reader in mind and remain where they are, whether they appear on an online magazine, blog or website, each article is like a raindrop, earning a little revenue now and then. The more articles the writer posts, the more like a rainstorm the income will be.


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