Monday, 15 February 2010

Finding Money Making Website Niche Ideas

Making money from a website is more involved than simply having an idea. The novice webmaster might be over zealous at first, thinking that the most popular topics, such as weight loss or how to get out of debt, will form a lucrative website, but this not always the case.

What Makes a Good Niche Site Idea?

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The best home business opportunity can be found with something the webmaster feels passionately about such as a hobby, as opposed to writing about something that is seen to be a good opportunity to make money from writing. The following are worth remembering:

Lucrative topics, such as insurance, weight loss and financial advice are very competitive markets. Many thousands or even millions of search terms associated with these topics can be found within search results. Adding another website on this theme will be like adding a needle into a haystack.

A webmaster that writes about something he or she doesn’t really care about is unlikely to stick at the project for long, and the lack of enthusiasm will show in the writing.

Website Niche Ideas

Google’s Adwords keyword tool will reveal a multitude of topics that few are writing about, yet attract a fair number of search queries. A website themed on a hobby, a specialist skill or specific product is more likely to be discovered. Examples of niche ideas for a website could be anything from the care of Koi carp or platinum trading to oil painting flowers.

How to Earn Ad Clicks

The webmaster must take extra care when selecting the niche topic, for making money from a website requires the right type of visitor. Broadly speaking, there are two types:

  • Active
  • Passive
The passive visitor is simply browsing for information, for instance for a project, and is unlikely to click on an Adwords link (known as ad click) and earn Adsense revenue for the webmaster or to purchase anything. The webmaster must think like the active kind of customer and gear the article on each webpage for a visitor who is looking for a service or a product, and who is therefore more likely to click on something or purchase something. In website terms, this is known as a “goal.”

Niche Marketing Strategy

Sprinkling the website with relevant keywords and phrases that have large search volume yet low competition, known as good money matrix words, will enhance the website’s visibility. But selecting a great niche website idea from which to centre such keywords, require consideration. The following suggestions may help:

  • Hackneyed and overused ideas should be avoided
  • The website should have a strong identity and geared towards a specific audience
  • The topic should be one that yields interest to the webmaster
  • The topic may be one that the webmaster has had frustration in the past trying to find information about on the web
  • Never discount an idea as ridiculous, as one only has to visit Ebay to see that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure
  • If the webmaster possess a skill or has something to sell, all the better
The Best Idea for a Website

A successful home based business franchise can be found within niche website marketing. This entails centring the website round a specific topic that is geared towards a specific type of audience. The webmaster must select an idea for a website that has little competition and which has many search queries. So long as the webmaster possesses a passion for a subject, is knowledgeable on something, or indeed, has a product to sell, the potential to make a profit from home via a niche website is possible.

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