Friday, 29 August 2014

My York Festival of Writing Experience: Invaluable for Every Writer

An important even for writers, the York Festival of Writing is a great way of meeting publishers, agents and other writers. I have booked a place on Sunday. But what is this important writing event and what does it entail?

Details about the York Festival of Writing

My Visit to the York Festival of Writing
This writing festival in Yorkshire lasts from Friday 12 September until Sunday 14 September at York University. You can stay on campus for two nights for the whole package, one night, or just come on Sunday, as I have.

Competitions at the York Festival

There are loads of events great for writers hoping to improve on writing skills or looking for an agent. There are also competitions, being, Friday Night Live, which is a competition looking for the best 500 word excerpt from a literary work. The judges will shortlist entrants down to 7 by the 8 September. The winner will read out his/her 500 word extract after a gala, filled with big-name publishers and agents.

You can also enter a competition looking for the best opening chapter of a novel. This must not exceed 3000 words. The winner will be notified on Saturday night.

One to One Book Doctor or Literary Agent

As well as meeting other writers, agents and book publishers, the package includes a one to one feedback with a literary agent who knows the publishing industry inside out. Alternatively, the writer may decide to have a one to one with a book doctor, providing an invaluable evaluation on your novel.

Each applicant can choose two one-to-ones, which might be two book doctors, two agents, or one of each. Big publishing agents include Watson Little, Conville and Walsh and AM Heath. Exposure to these big names has resulted in some writers winning representation from a literary agent or even to get nominated for the Richard & Judy Summer Read.

Workshops for Writers at the York Festival

The weekend is jammed packed filled with workshops, which you must book before visiting the York Festival. These include all sorts of vital subject matter relating to writing, publishing and book marketing. Included in the writer’s workshops are creativity, self-publishing, the art of writing thrillers and much more.

You can also enroll on mini courses (Friday only) which informs on writing issues: submitting your novel, editing your novel and pitching your novel.

Charles Jay Harwood Visit to the York Festival of Writing

I have booked my visit for Sunday September 14 and hope to meet other writers and literary agents that will offer valuable advice that may enhance any writing career. Writers of any genre can visit: thrillers, screenwriters, children’s authors and non-fiction writers.

How to Enter the York Festival

You must include within your pack, a short bio, including a synopsis on the novels you wish to discuss on the day. The first 3000 word excerpt from your work is enough for any literary agent to make a judgment on whether you are ready for the publishing industry or issues need fixing. Entries are now closed, but I am looking forward to visiting York and mingling with other writers on the day.

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