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Inappropriate Three Short Stories by Charles Jay Harwood

My short story trilogy, Inappropriate, delves into irrational feelings between two people, bringing unexpected consequences. Inappropriate aims to leave a lasting impression upon the reader’s mind, even after finishing the story. Each tale has contrasting in narrative and deals with very different emotional situations. Here is a short rundown of what this emotional anthology is about.

Inappropriate by Charles Jay Harwood

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The first story, Deadline follows the life of mature student Andrea, who finds herself emotionally isolated whilst watching films. She cries at Robocop and Total Recall, yet doesn’t shed a tear at Titanic. This cannot bode well for her theatre studies, as her thesis is late and she could fail her course. In the dead-end town of Colby, she cannot afford to get too hopeful, and believes her best chances lies with cerulean-eyed Kieran, the ideal boyfriend. But her tutor Mr. Linton is insistent upon her completing her thesis to the best of her ability. But does something else lurk behind his insistence?

Story of an Ex Convict doing Community Service

My second short story Outside relates on Deke, an ex-jailbird doing community service outside the home of single mother, Elaine and her son Fin. Deke’s delinquency is borne from a troubled upbringing and he soon realizes he is trapped in a life he doesn’t want. People look upon him with suspicion and anger. He always feels on the outside looking in. That is until he is commissioned to clear rubbish from the fields backing Elaine’s house. Beneath her cool exterior, she has a vulnerability and goodwill that resounds with Deke. He sees the life he could have had and obsession starts to lurk. He stalks her life with unforeseen consequences.

Story of Suspected Infidelity – is She Faithful?

My final short story, Nice, tells of Durante, the director of a government sector that funds businesses that benefit the community. He has had a string of failed relationships but his current girlfriend, Kate seems different. Should he lose her, he would be truly heartbroken. His suspicions are aroused when an in-law keeps calling her. In the face of this glamorous admirer, Durante feels dull. Does Kate see him in the same way? Does she think he is too ‘nice’ for passion; will she opt for her funny, good looking admirer?

Stories about Human Relationships

Inappropriate is my second short story trilogy after Blood and Water. Each story is between 2,500 words to 5000 words, providing more than enough distraction for spare moments in the day, but will have a lasting impression. A must read about feelings running high between two people, with unexpected consequences.

Inappropriate: 3 Short Stories by Charles Jay Harwood is available exclusively on Kindle at the moment.

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