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Get Four Audiobooks for One Audible Credit: Eclipse Quartet by Charles Jay Harwood: Four Psychological Thrillers of Abduction, Blackmail and Obsession

Audible listeners can get four audio books for 1 credit, or in other words, over 32 hours of listening time of this fabulous audio book which consists of 4 psychological thrillers: the Shuttered Room, Falling Awake, Nora and a Hard lesson. Look out for this audiobook as it will be released in early October 2015. Imagine, getting all this listening time for one membership credit!

Thirty Two Hour Long Audio Book

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Eclipse Quartet consists of 4 full length thrillers, which are on average 8 hours long. Professionally narrated and edited for Audible, these thrillers provide the perfect opportunity to upload four audiobooks for one Audible membership credit. All thrillers are also available singly for those who purchase without using Audiobook units.

Make the Most of Audible Listener Credits

The seasoned audiobook listener will know that Audible offers 2 subscription plans: upload an audiobook a month for one membership credit or 2 books per month for 2 membership credits. The second plan works out a little cheaper per audiobook. The astute listener will of course want to use these Audible credits wisely, (although Audible will refund the credit if the listener does not like the book, within one year without question). That said, Audible are wary of members abusing the system.

Have a listen to the book synopsis of this thriller.

Use Audible Credits

I asked myself what I would look for if I was a member of Audible, and the answer was to make the most of each of my membership credits. This is why I created a compilation of four thrillers in one big audiobook. Imagine getting four full length thrillers for one Audible credit? Over thirty-two hours of thrilling listening for one membership credit. Ideal for the bored commuter or the fitness fanatic who loves psychological thrillers.

Audio Book More than Twenty Hours Long

These four thrillers took me around twenty years to write and ten months to produce. A mammoth task. A brief summary of each thriller can be found below:

The Shuttered Room: 7 Hours 30 Minutes

Eclipse Quartet opens with a story of abduction: the Shuttered Room.

Little do they know their captive has a secret.

Jess Fraser would appear to have the perfect life; daughter to rich parents, married with a son and a successful career. But her life takes a nasty turn when she is abducted and held in an upstairs room by 3 thugs. What they don’t know is that Jess is not what she appears. After a failed escape attempt, she cuts a hole in the bedroom floor from where she spies upon her captors below. That’s when she starts playing little mind games with them.

Falling Awake: 9 Hours Long

Imagine how it might feel to be attracted to someone who seems to possess a disturbing psychological contortion?

Gemma performs routines for an unseen insomniac voyeur to earn quick cash to save her home from sinister moneylenders. Not only does she have to unravel the puzzle of a disturbing doodle her missing husband has left behind, she has to protect her disabled son from the seedy truth about her evening commission.

She eventually finds herself trapped by her obligation to someone she fears most.

And her voyeur is not what he seems.

Nora: 7 Hours Fifty Minutes

Nancy finds herself performing a media shoot with obnoxious playboy millionaire, Vince as they walk from one of his nightclubs. The seduction of this other world turns sour after she overhears Vince make a dirty bet with his PA about her fifteen minutes of fame.

What she doesn’t realize is that the evening is about to end in a nightmare that will unleash her alter ego.

Her life will never be the same.

A Hard Lesson: Eight Hours

Eclipse Quartet closes with this final thriller, A Hard Lesson.

A teacher takes on the pupil from hell only to learn what treachery means.

Sarah thought she was teaching a young schoolchild a little English. But to her horror, finds her subject to be full-grown thug with dyslexia and behavioral problems. Not only that, but he is member to a criminal clique headed by a psychopath.

And this psychopath doesn’t like people messing with his business.

Meek Sarah is about to uncover the murky truths about her pupil’s family as well as a web of
Thrilling Audiobook

Eclipse Quartet: 4 Psychological Thrillers by Charles Jay Harwood Thrilling Audiobook on Audible

This four in one thriller audiobook is not to be missed! Get four full length psychological thrillers on Audible for one membership credit. Over 32 hours of listening time. To be released in early October 2015.

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