Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ten Tips on Niche Blogging for Profit

Making money blogging is straightforward if you know how. The crucial requirement is finding a niche subject matter you love and love writing about – all the better if your niche blog serves a gap in the market. Here are my top ten tips on enhancing your blog’s earning potential.

Write Quality Articles on your Blog on a Niche Subject

Make your blog content original, interesting, useful and worthy of visiting. Give visitors a reason to stick around. This will lower your bounce rate (the rate at which visitors click in and click straight out). Each post should ideally be a sufficient length of around 400 to 1000 words long broken down in to bite-sized paragraphs that is easier on the eye than monoliths of text. It must be free of typos, bad grammar and gives something useful. This is the most important element of your blog: your content.

Make your Blog Big

Search engines like substantial blogs. Add content to it regularly and keep building it up until your blog becomes a real player in its website genre. Who wants to hang around if a blog only has ten pages to offer? A well-sized veteran blog will eventually earn back-links if the content deserves this sign of approval.

Adsense your Blog

Making a living from your blog means monetizing it. Sign into Google’s Adsense and get your blog site approved. This will only happen if you already have good articles posted. Adsense is one of the best ways of making money from your blog as the adverts displayed are usually contextual, and visitors are more likely to click on an ad. Clicks equal Adsense revenue, nice for your pocket.

Make your Blog User-Friendly

Garish background colours are harsh on the eye and small fonts frustrating for the poor-sighted. Give your blog a professional look. Get a happy balance between images and text. Think about how the visitor can navigate around easily. Organize you post links into categories. 'Google Translate' is an invaluable tool to put on your blog for non-English speaking visitors.

Affiliate your Blog

Affiliate links is a great way to earn from your blog; if a visitor clicks on a product link and makes a purchase, you will earn commission on sales. One of the largest affiliates is Amazon Associates. If your blog is about house renovation, why not include products related to home improvement? This will unlock your blog’s earning potential. Take care not to go overboard with affiliate links or this could make your blog look more like an advertising placard.

Keyword you Blog for SEO

SEO marketing comes with practice, but with good keyword use, you can make you blog easier to find for those looking for information your blog offers. This is known as search engine optimization (or SEO). Using keywords in article posts is a lengthy subject, so I have dedicated separate articles to beginner’s guide to using keywords and the money word matrix.

Write for an Online Magazine that Allows Back links

Back links, or links pointing to your blog from a large, respectable website will improve your blog’s ranking, valuable Google juice. There are many online magazines that will allow you to do this. Write an article that relates to the niche topic of your blog and link back to it. Use Facebook or Twitter to the same end. Link-farming should be avoided (buying hundreds of links for the sole purpose of improving your blog’s ranking).

Preserve Good Standards in Blogging

Avoid any gadgets that cause adverts to pop up when visitors come. It is the quickest way to deter people. Copying and pasting someone else’s work or consistently sourcing Wikipedia will undermine your credence as a writer. Avoid link farming, content farming, spamming, keyword stuffing and viruses. Don’t post offensive content. Keep your blog clean and respectable and people will keep visiting.

Be a Persistent Blogger

Your earnings will go up and down. This is normal. A lean patch may dent your motivation. Don’t let it. Blogging is a long term game. The more content you add, the more your blog will be worth. And if your niche subject interests you, you are more likely to keep blogging and your blog will succeed in time.

Give your Readers what they Want

Once you get regular traffic to your blog, you will be able to view ‘traffic sources’, keywords people are using to get to your blog. Look out for any search queries you have yet to fulfill on your niche subject. Searching ‘all time’ will give a bigger picture. If a regular theme keeps coming up, write an article to satisfy that search query.

Secrets to a Good Money Blog

You can earn money from your blog if your write about a niche topic you love and few others are writing about. Keep adding content. Adsense your blog and conduct some keyword research before posting your articles. Make it easy to navigate around and free of unpleasant surprises. Most importantly, make the blog interesting, useful, original, funny, or whatever. And be persistent. Blogging is about numbers as well as the quality, the bigger the blog, the better.

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